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Effortless and Affordable Home Transformation Journey

Embark on a home renovation journey with MPS Contracting, where we make the process easy, affordable, and efficient. Our step-by-step approach, from initial consultations to design estimates, the construction process, and the perfect finishing touches, ensures a seamless transition from vision to reality. Enhance your lifestyle with our exceptional remodeling services!

Step 1:

Initial Conversations

Begin your transformation with MPS Contracting's initial consultation. We'll discuss your project goals, align our services to meet them, and begin developing a free personalized design and construction estimate for your envisioned remodel.

Detailed chart analysis illustrating strategic construction planning.

Step 2:

Design & Construction Estimate

Next, we present MPS Contracting's detailed design and construction estimate. Post our project discussion, we provide an affordable cost quote. Accept, and we'll design your custom floor plan at no extra charge, paving the way to your dream remodel.

Step 3:

Construction Process

As your project transitions to the hands-on construction phase, count on MPS Contracting for continuous guidance and support. Our lead contractor, Mark, is readily available to answer any queries and navigate potential challenges. We ensure a smooth, transparent construction journey towards your dream space.

The hands-on construction process, exemplifying our commitment to quality craftsmanship and efficient project execution.

Step 4:

The Finishing

As we cross the finish line with MPS Contracting, we pay meticulous attention to the final details, perfecting your project down to the last touch. Need a cleanup crew post-renovation? We've got you covered! Also, inquire about our work warranty – because your peace of mind is our top priority.   .

Our Quality Guarantee

Experience unparalleled service with MPS Contracting, where your satisfaction is our foremost commitment. We take pride in delivering top-quality craftsmanship, maintaining absolute transparency, and ensuring efficient project timelines in every construction venture. For any queries, we're just a call away - always ready to guide and assist. Experience the MPS Contracting difference in home renovations today!

Create your dream renovation.
Tell us about your project today.

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